Meet Our Team

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Justin Roberts

Managing Principal

I was once asked, “what’s the most important word in business?” Without hesitation I replied, “Trust.” Without trust, nothing else matters, which is why earning and keeping our business partners and customers trust is the cornerstone of how we view our business.

In 2003, I had just graduated from law school and knew two things; 1) I wasn’t immediately interested in being an attorney, and 2) I had a growing passion for real estate. I entered the University of Denver’s MS-RECM program with the intent of gaining the basic expertise in real estate finance and construction management necessary to land my first real estate job. Before I graduated, I was offered a role with a small Denver developer and my real estate career began. Over the next 16 years, I’ve held positions with AIG Global Real Estate, GE Capital, UDR, and Choice Hotels, amongst others, managing every aspect of the real estate investment, development, asset management, and financing process along the way. I’ve managed projects and portfolios nationwide and totaling several billion dollars in value.

My current role at HighSide allows me to leverage all those past experiences to help the HighSide team serve our business partners and customers across the real estate spectrum in any way they require. We have deep expertise in sourcing, investment management, asset management, and development and construction management. We look forward to putting our team’s skills to work for you.

Education: Master of Science RECM – University of Denver; Juris Doctor – William & Mary School of Law; BA – University of California Santa Barbara

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Kevin McKinney

Executive Vice President

A mentor of mine once said, “We are going to build a place that people go to, not through”. This philosophy has stuck with me throughout my career and one of the many reasons I am passionate about what we do at HighSide. We strive to be a great business partner while also positively impacting every community we work with.

I began my career working for a large General Contractor based in Denver. After completing their training program and spending a few years working on large commercial projects, I quickly realized I wanted to be part of the larger development process, allowing me to influence the design and improve the overall construction experience. It was at this point in my career that I was given the opportunity to join one of the largest privately-owned Hotel developers in the country, Sage Hospitality. I spent 10 years with Sage as their VP of Design and Construction and was fortunate to work on multiple Hotel renovations, Historic rehabs, and new construction projects across the country. It was at Sage where I learned the positive impacts design and construction can have on a local community.

At HighSide, I am responsible for all high-level strategic decisions to ensure we are exceeding our client’s expectations and project goals.

Education: I earned a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management from Colorado State University.

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Andrew Ellis

VP of Project Management

The built environment is the necessary epicenter of almost every industry. I enjoy using my expertise to help create this tangible environment that eventually becomes someone’s home, place of business, vacation, favorite restaurant, or school. Without the construction industry, most other industries would not exist.

I am ultimately responsible for the management, oversight, and execution of the HighSide Construction Management project portfolio. Prior to joining HighSide, I spent 8 years in project management at several ENR Top 100 general contractors, successfully executing over $400 million in projects across the country in various market segments including complex and high-profile commercial, hospitality, multi-family, retail, industrial process, life science, and educational. I am a results and relationship-driven leader with a strong ability to communicate effectively, manage conflict, solve problems, and deliver timely results to ensure project success. Exceeding expectations and delivering projects on time and under budget, all while maintaining strong relationships and superior client satisfaction is how I define success.

Education: I earned a Bachelor of Science, Summa Cum Laude, in Construction Management from Colorado State University.

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Steve Rogers

VP of Pre Development

I have learned that an early focus on holistic planning for projects is always the key to their success. The Pareto Principle says that 80% of a process’ value is developed in the first 20% of that process. This has guided my work in this industry for years and my role at Highside allows me to focus specifically here.

I have been working in the Development and Construction Industry for nearly 30 years. I started in the field as a field engineer, moving up to superintendent over time with a large GC in Denver. My career moved quickly into integrated develop, design and construct platforms where I’ve honed my skills around the entire development process on civic, commercial, industrial, residential and retail projects in multiple states. My role has ranged from Project Manager on larger teams to Director and VP of both design-build and development operations as well as a stint running my own general contracting firm. Development and construction are what I’ve always done and it still energizes me. The pursuit of the next great solution is intoxicating.

As VP of PreDevelopment my focus is on that first 20%. Specifically, this means running all due diligence for new potential projects to understand what our challenges and costs will be as early as possible. I then work with our clients and in-house team to develop our project strategy. This is critical to setting up initial project expectations and providing guidance for the entire team as to what success looks like once we open the doors.

Education: I have a BS in Civil Engineering from University of Colorado – Boulder and an MS in Civil Engineering with a Geotechnical specialty from University of Colorado – Denver.

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Aaron Pollick

Sr. Development Manager

My career has taken me all over the country.  I’ve built ski villages, hospitals and medical offices, civic centers, police and fire stations, and numerous multi-family/mixed use buildings–with hotel projects on each coast and many more sprinkled in between.  It’s in this experience that I’ve learned a deep appreciation for the hospitality industry. 

Hospitality projects and “making a place” for others to experience is as good as it gets in real estate development.  Whether providing a home away from home for that business trip or a family vacation, the care we take to make sure guest experiences a comfortable and enjoyable stay is paramount.  Getting to that end is the challenge. 

As a development manager, I’m responsible for the entire process from the initial concept through project construction and opening.  I believe it all starts within listening to establish the team’s goals.  With goals come challenges–and that’s where my job gets fun.  I enjoy building teams to solve for challenges with creativity, efficiency and patience—it’s what “making” is all about.  I appreciate the challenge of figuring out the best options to solve each problem, whether the goal is budget, aesthetics, engineering or customer focused.  Let’s figure it out together!

Education: I’ve earned a Master of Science in Construction Management and a Bachelor of Arts in Industrial Design from Purdue University, but I’m a lifelong learner.