HighSide Companies

HighSide Companies was founded in 2019 by a collection of hospitality experts who wanted to create a more tailored experience for the continuing growth of the market. HighSide consists of three fully-integrated companies focused on hospitality Real Estate Investment, Development, and Project Management. With combined experience in the hospitality development industry, the team possesses a deep expertise in every aspect of the commercial real estate lifecycle and offers investors, partners, and clients best-in-class solutions for the unique needs of their individual assets.

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HighSide Investments

Extension of your organization to analyze each opportunity, assess the risk profile, and deploy disciplined and targeted strategies to maximize the investment's performance.

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HighSide Development

Pre-construction due diligence to assess potential risks and protect your interests in any development venture.

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HighSide Project Management

Strict timeline of budgets, logistics & scheduling, remaining completely focused on client goals.