Highside Construction & Development Management

A full raft of team members barrels down Colorado's Royal Gorge Class 5 whitewater. Through steep drops, and quick turns, in ice-cold water, team members encounter their first obstacle on the rapid: a sharp-angled rock that could potentially flip the entire raft over. As they approach the obstacle their guides yells "high side! high side! high side!" The purpose of the command is that when paddlers move to the "high side" of the raft, the weight distribution toward that side will help keep the raft from flipping and continue to its adventure downstream. This is the spirit of the HighSide name. Our team works together to jump to the high side of the raft against any incoming obstacles to keep steady and on course. We don't falter in the face of challenges. We know that working together is essential in today's construction environment. Our systems offer our clients accurate information to enable better planning and our partnerships in terms of vendors and contractors reduces everyone's risk in order to achieve a higher level of service than our competition. We don't fear challenges. We welcome them.

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