A full raft of team members barrels down Colorado's Royal Gorge Class 5 whitewater. Through steep drops, and quick turns, in ice-cold water, the team encounters a series of sharp-angled rocks that could overturn the raft. As they approach these obstacles, the team lead calls out, "high side! high side!" The paddlers move to the "high side" of the raft, and the correct weight distribution keeps the raft stable and moving successfully downstream. This is the spirit of the HighSide name. Our team works cohesively to jump to the high side against any incoming obstacles in order to keep the course. We don't falter in the face of challenges, and we believe that working together is essential in today's complex environment. Our people, processes and systems offer our investors, partners, and clients the best prospects to maximize our collective opportunities and reduce our collective risk. By working in concert, we outperform our competitors. We don't fear challenges. We welcome them.

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